In-Call Special Massage Service

If you are looking for a so call ‘’legal’’ brothel in Vietnam, you might choose to visit Saigon – HCMC. However, it is crucial to select a Brothel that is respected, clean, and professionally operated. If you want the very best brothel in the area you need to visit district 7 or district Tan Binh as this is the place where you will find anything and everything that you want to experience.

Many parts of Vietnam offer legal brothels which are under the jurisdiction of each territory. Each territory has its own rules and regulations. Choosing a legal brothel is your wisest choice in order to keep yourself safe in all ways. Often, because of legal restrictions, a brothel cannot offer full details of their services on their website. In a situation like this it is best to call us to ask any questions you may have.

The best brothels in Saigon offer a variety of services. However, each brothel offers its own rules and regulations. Even so, a client needs to keep in mind that there are guidelines to follow to make the visit more pleasant. For example, all the ladies working at a brothel want to be treated as such. This means no name calling, insults, or any words that might hurt or degrade them.

When you plan to visit a brothel you should do so by being prepared. You want to look the best you can and be as clean as possible. Your personal hygiene is important and this includes everything from your teeth to all areas of your body where a woman might come in contact.

You may select the lady you want her to service you.  There are plenty to pick from so don’t be shy & take your time.
There is a Saigon Brothel waiting for your visit. There is a beautiful woman waiting for your touch. This will be an adventure you will never forget.

Saigon Brothels are establishments which have the following:

The girls are full-time employees of the parlor and work the same daily schedule and all of them wear special uniform linguerie unique to that establishment

The ladies are all sitting or standing in a row on the sofa and you choose one or two. You decide which one you want and tell your tour guide

The lady takes you to a room inside the establishment for your encounter, not outside.

You pay your tour guide in full in advance before the tour starts, non-negotiable.

The girls ARE required to go with whichever man who wants them, and cannot choose of their own free will whether or not to go with whoever chooses them

The clean air-con room inside where there is a big tub bath and a bed

The usual routine is the girl bathes you, applies a condom, gives you oral sex and gives you a full body massage and slides down to intercourse and/or continues on the bed.

Saigon Brothel Opening Hours:

10.00am to 11.00pm ( Daily ) 


6.5 million vnd ( 2 hours service + 2 Charming Girls )